Match: 4x18 holes single count games according to Stableford with one discardedscore.
Monday, 08. August 2016, Start 11.00 am
Tuesday, 09. August 2016, Start 11.00 am
Thursday, 11. August 2016, Start 11.00 am
Friday, 12. August 2016, Start 11.00 am
On all the 4 days of play, there will be one match per day on the two golf courses on a rotational basis. The time and courses are allocated by the committee. Each golf course will be played twice throughout the golfweek.
The game will be played according to the official German Golf Association regulations (including golfers of amateur status) as well as the course rules of the two clubs: Golf Club Dresden-Ullersdorf and Golf Club Dresden Elbflorenz. The match is based on the regulations of the German Golf Association. Information on the regulations is available at both of the golf clubs. Distance measuring devices are allowed provided that its only function is to measure distances. Smart phones are not allowed!
Handicap Tournament:
The match is a handicap tournament. Your score will affect your personal handicap.
Amateur golfers, who are members in an association of the German Golf Association or in an internationally known association, are eligible to play.
Handicap allowance:
The maximum is -54, whereas players with a club handicap (-37 until -54) for the tournament valuation belong to -36 players. Furthermore, the following conditions regarding the age apply.
Eligible to play are:
Seniors born until 1966 (Ladies age group 50) and seniors born until 1966 (Men age group 50) and older.
The requirement is a minimum 80 to maximum 100 participants.
If there are more registrations, the reception date will decide. If there are registrations with the same date, the participants will be drawn.
All rounds will add up, after deduction of the discarded score. Gross before net.
Total scores:
Gross score: Separate for male and female (age groups 50+) as well as super seniors (female age group 60+; male age group 65+)
Net score: Net classes, each 1st-3rd position (classification will be defined after registration deadline).
After 2 matches there will be intermediate results:
Gross, separated by male and female seniors, Net in 3 classes, each 1st-3rd position
Please note:
Lady seniors who are older than 65 as well as male seniors who are older than 65 can choose during registration in which category (seniors or super seniors) they want to play. Once a category is chosen, no switches will be accepted.
Tiescoreswill lead to the final comparison of the players’ results of the holes 9, 6,3, 1 of the last played course – net including handicaps. If further tie, a winner will be drawn.
Special scoring:
Will be played on all days on the particular course.
Nearest to the Pin - separate for female and male (ball of the first tee must remain on the green)
Is played on the first day in Possendorf and on the last day in Ullersdorf.
Longest Drive - separate for female and male (ball of the first tee must remain on the green)
Is played on the second day in Ullersdorf and on the third day in Possendorf.
Player groups:
Will be arranged by the committee. Start lists will be published the evening prior to the game day.
Online under
Tuesday, 30.06.2016, midnight
Registrations that reach us after the deadline will automatically lead to an invoice over the registration fee.
Green fee:
Is included in the packages.
Supervisors / Committee:
Will be announced prior to the game.
Match ending:
The match will be completed with the end of the awards ceremony or with the announcement of the complete final scores.
Subject to change:
The committee reserves the right to amendany information,course rules, play times or may add other necessary conditions without prior notification from commencement of the tournament(with exception: handicaptournament).
After commencement, any amendments to the tournament will be eligible only if there are extraordinarily circumstances.